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Bring Out Your Personality With Our Custom Furniture Services

remodel your office spaceLet’s face it, your brand is represented through the type of office environment you create. Since your personality is the backbone of your brand, why not unleash all of the most positive components of who you are through the choice of great custom furniture?

Creating an Environment That’s Uniquely You

Whether you like it cool and professional, warm and inviting, contemporary, classic, or a combination of several ideas, at 90 Degree Office Concepts our design team can help bring our your personality with our custom furniture services. Our inventory is selected to help you create an environment that is uniquely you.

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Moving to a New Office? Choose Our Efficient Space Planning Services

custom office furnitureMoving into a new office can be daunting. If looking at an empty space leads you to staring at the walls without a clue, it’s time for 90 Degree Office Concepts planning services to come to the rescue.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Planning

Our team has years of experience taking the guesswork out of planning offices that reflect your needs, taste, and culture. We take the time to understand what it is you require in order to select the perfect furniture that harmonizes with your vision.

Making Your Ideas Work

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Office Furniture Designs That Flatter Every Office Space

new trends in office designsAt 90 Degree Office Concepts, our mission is to provide you with furniture that flatters every office space. We are committed to finding the perfect designs to bring as much integrity to your environment as your brand does to the product or service you represent.

Our inventory covers a range of styles ideal for any size office space. Providing aesthetic solutions that work for you, one of the great advantages of our product line is that you can customize each piece down to the finest detail.

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What Your Office Furniture Says About You

A first impression doesn’t allow for a second chance. The moment clients walk through your door, the first thing that catches their eyes will become an imprint that sticks.

Whether you have a small office or a large spacious work area, it is essential that you match your décor with how you envision your brand. You can be a dentist or sell paperclips, with all the competition vying for loyalty and sales, your brand
should look contemporary, professional, and ahead of the curve.

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The Perfect Office Furniture For Your Brickell Office

Choosing an office in Miami’s Brickell area says you’ve made it. This dynamic location featuring expansive views of the bay requires the perfect office furniture to compliment the appeal of modernity that your address implies.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we carry the most appropriate office furniture for every need. Whether you are ensconced in a luxury space on Brickell Avenue or overlooking a tree-lined street in Boise, Idaho, our custom selected pieces are designed to make you look good.

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Give Yourself the Perfect Gift This Season: New Modern Furniture For The Office

The new year is a time for resolutions. At 90 Degree Office Concepts we know that already many of you are opting for a contemporary makeover to help you feel renewed and energized for all the good things coming your way in 2013.

Revamping your office is a way to give yourself the perfect gift this season. With the desire to keep up with current trends, you express your commitment to new ideas, refreshing your outlook, and to keeping your entire staff inspired by providing new energy in your workspace.

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Wow Your Clients With The Best Modern Furniture

Today, image is everything. Your brand is unequivocally tied in with how you present yourself, and the more aware you are of the modern trends, the more you place yourself ahead of the competition.

Enhancing a Sense of Space

With cubicles walls being lowered, contemporary furniture enhances a sense of space, providing flexibility for teamwork. Sharing ideas and giving your employees a greater sense of belonging can easily be achieved through the office furniture you choose.

Inspiring Greater Confidence

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How Office Furniture Helps You Increase Productivity

It’s the New Year and time to plan your new office space or re-structure your old one. With all of the new contemporary designs, this is the moment to configure a refreshing plan that not only defines your brand and reflects your taste, but also helps increase productivity within your staff.

Inspiring Creativity

Selecting the right office furniture and creating an intelligent arrangement is one of the key factors in creating an environment that inspires and encourages creativity. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, our design specialists have selected an inventory of exciting pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Discounted Office Furnishings

Offering some of the most innovative office furniture designs in the industry, 90 Degree Office Concepts is constantly on the lookout for pieces that reflect the true contemporary aesthetic of today. We believe that helping you create an environment that is clean, uncluttered, functional, and aesthetic doesn’t have to be expensive, and our line of discounted office furnishings are our proof.

When creating your office space, it is important to have a vision of continuity extending throughout your environment. A seamless concept is one of the most powerful ways to exhibit your taste, your office culture, and how you perceive and showcase your brand. When your office is all of a piece, it also creates a type of peace for your clients, suppliers, and employees.

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Create a Pleasant Office Environment

Gone are the days of stodgy offices with their claustrophobic cubicles, dead air, florescent lighting, and total lack of personality. Nowadays the office doesn’t have to be a draining atmosphere, but rather a place where you want to go, a place that inspires creativity and stimulates the imagination.

Creating a pleasant office environment is the way to get the most out of your team. With the right ambiance, your employees become infinitely more productive, organized, and satisfied with their jobs.

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