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Do Your Clients Appreciate the Value of an Effective Design Strategy?

Ask any decision-makers and most will tell you that saving as much money as possible on office design represents a major factor in the improvement of their company’s bottom line.

They’re Doing It Wrong.

Saving money in key areas is strategically wise, but when it comes to office design, excessive frugality can often be disastrous. Clients may choose to save thousands on office design, but if the environment they create by default sends the wrong message, all of their branding dollars will be counteracted over time. Instead, encourage your clients to work in reverse, focusing on the desired feelings and mindset they wish to create for customers and staff before they even consider where to save money. Effective office design optimizes the workspace to influence and convert an audience in a planned direction.

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Is There More to Office Design Than Meets the Eye?

clip_image002Did you know there is a psychological approach to office design that affects the way people feel when in your workplace? Did you know design can affect whether a customer returns to your business or not? In fact your office design can affect how employees feel when working in your office workplace as well.

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Affordable Reception Stations

 When it comes to setting up your office, one of the most essential areas to focus on is your reception station. Here is where people will get their first impression of your space, which should be a clear reflection of your office culture as well as your attitude towards your clientele.

Defining What You Stand For

The entryway to your office creates the initial feeling that your clients will absorb. Defining what you stand for will help you determine the style of reception station you choose. Whether it is highly professional, comfortably casual, or invitingly relaxed, your choice of furniture should be in harmony with all that your company represents.

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Lobby Area Inspirational Ideas

From the moment your clients walk into your office lobby, you want them to feel comfortable and confident, knowing they’ve made the right choice when it comes to your product or service.

Your reception area is like the living room of your home. It can invite one to relax, or it can inspire a certain kind of formality that speaks of attention to detail. Here is where your clients receive their first impression, which will be the most lasting, regardless of your abilities, background, and polished persona.

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Modern Reception Area Furniture

The reception area is perhaps the most important part of your office. It is here that you make your first impression and first communicate your brand, as people entering get the feel of who you are and what you represent.

Because the reception area sets the tone of what is to come, it is essential that your choice of furniture represents the best reflection of your product. Whether you are a doctor or a tax analyst, by putting forward a fresh, contemporary foot, clients will understand that your approach is as clean and as modern as the furniture you choose.

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