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7 Things Designers Should Want Their Clients to Know About Custom Furniture

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Buying custom modern furniture for the home or office can be an enormous asset or a great disappointment. Assembling the right pieces that succeed in making your intended statement, function according to plan, are sized to fit perfectly, and possess the ideal, finish: taken strategically, all of these steps result in great value to the owner. Custom furniture is a true investment, so getting it right the first time matters.

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Discover The Lost Art of Having Fun with Business

Okay, so let’s talk “human” here, is that okay with you? My guess is that as adults, we have (if you are like me) let business be consumed by data, finance, projections, meetings, appointments, strategies, marketing, and the like. With all of that going on every day, from start to finish, I would also guess we often forget to smile and find the lighter side of things, and it’s even harder still in the face of failure.

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