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Is There More to Office Design Than Meets the Eye?

clip_image002Did you know there is a psychological approach to office design that affects the way people feel when in your workplace? Did you know design can affect whether a customer returns to your business or not? In fact your office design can affect how employees feel when working in your office workplace as well.

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Create a Pleasant Office Environment

Gone are the days of stodgy offices with their claustrophobic cubicles, dead air, florescent lighting, and total lack of personality. Nowadays the office doesn’t have to be a draining atmosphere, but rather a place where you want to go, a place that inspires creativity and stimulates the imagination.

Creating a pleasant office environment is the way to get the most out of your team. With the right ambiance, your employees become infinitely more productive, organized, and satisfied with their jobs.

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Unique Office Furniture Collections

Decorating your office can be an exciting experience, especially when you have unique office furniture from which to select. At 90 Degree Office Concepts we pride ourselves on an inventory that allows clients to find contemporary and functional pieces that can be customize as desired.

Your office is the perfect representation of your brand, speaking of your taste and attitude, as well as your business culture. Every piece of furniture should carry this stamp, providing your customers with an instant way to identify what you stand for.

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Ideal Work Station Systems

When searching for the ideal work station systems for your office, it is important to know exactly how you wish your employees to interact. Perhaps you want to create an atmosphere where collaboration is encouraged, whereby work stations provide eye to eye contact, as well as the ability to encourage concentration. Or perhaps you wish to instill a sense of privacy where each person works without distraction.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we supply you with the perfect solution to help further the productivity and creativity you need for success. With a sensitivity to your particular need, our work stations are modular and contemporary examples of how office furniture shapes an environment conducive to maximizing the capabilities of your work force.

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Unique Modular Cubes

One of the best indications of clear-minded thinking is the way in which you use space. A cluttered room leaves little room for expansion, both physically and metaphorically. An open area that is organized, with all items clearly stored in their designated spots, speaks of clarity and calm.

Furniture Geared Towards a Contemporary Attitude

At 90 Degree Office Concepts we believe in streamlined office furniture that represents a contemporary attitude. With clean lines geared towards optimum functionality, our products are made for the modern consumer. Whether it is for a reception area or an office interior, we believe that the pieces you choose have a profound influence on your business culture.

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