Design Your Own Office Space With These Suggestions

design your own spaceA big help in creating your brand identity is in the way you present your office space. Creating continuity for the look and feel of your environment helps customers immediately identify with what you have to offer.

Establishing a Unique Look

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe in establishing a unique look when it comes to office furniture. It is with this in mind we have developed an inventory of contemporary options, all of which are fully customizable to conform with your taste.

Assessing the Dimensions

When it comes to designing your office space, there are many elements to be taken into consideration. Initially, an assessment of the dimensions will determine the size and amount of furniture you can have without overwhelming the environment.

Created to the Inch

All of our reception area pieces, workstations, and desks can be made to the inch, providing the perfect fit. By choosing from various natural wood finishes, laminates, textures, and colors, you can create a synthesis between each piece, establishing a harmony that helps both your employees and clients feel the balance of your design concept.

Finding Greater Flexibility

We believe that a modern office is defined by its flexibility. Our experts can advise you on how to provide your space with moveable pieces and add-ons that fit your office culture.

Here are some suggestions on how you can further personalize your business domain:

The Lapetus Reception Station

By choosing from a wide range of laminates, natural wood finishes like maple, mahogany, or walnut; or by using a cool metal finish, you immediately display your personality. Because your reception station is the first thing people see upon entering your office, it is important to incorporate your aesthetic right away, and the Lapetus allows for this kind of creativity.

The Avanti System

Your workstations are where your team is expected to be creative and productive. By allowing easy communication between each member and offering enclosure when its time to concentrate, you create the perfect balance. Choosing varying panel heights using frosted or textured glass or acrylic provides a sense of openness and containment that is the antithesis of the old-fashioned cubicle.

Here again, by choosing materials for the frame and surfaces that harmonize with the feel you wish to establish, you add to the efficiency and style of your office space. Using combinations such as wood, metal, and tile, you can make design combinations that are both interesting and functional.

The Tantus Table Desk

Select an ash, mahogany, maple, walnut or a premium wood surface, such as rosewood, white ash burl, or sycamore to make your statement. Offering two dimensions, the Tantus emanates an elegance that fits into any office concept.

The Metros Conference Table

This table has a cylindrical base that can be created with polished or satin-finished steel, statuary bronze, veneer, or faux leather with a top surface that can be made of granite, limestone, or marble. No matter which materials you choose, the Metros displays authority without dominating the space.

Contact Us

These are only a few samples of what you can do to create your own unique office design. To get more help designing an office space that reflects your brand, please contact us through or online form or by phone at (855) 699-0334.

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