Modern Office Textures and Patterns

Modern Office Textures and PatternsToday offices are no longer the dull, cubicled, florescent-lit atrocities of yesteryear where eight hours could feel like a never-ending eternity. With sensitivity to functionality and aesthetics, offices are now comfortable centers for the meetings of minds, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Inspiring Environments

Office owners and managers are recognizing that an open environment with tasteful and functional furnishings is far more conducive to inspiration and ideas. With an eye towards texture, pattern, and color, the office atmosphere has evolved to reflect the taste and culture of the product or service it represents.

Creating a Pleasing and Workable Environment

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we have become one of the foremost leaders in helping you create a space where your unique brand can be recognized. Our exquisitely crafted furniture is made for customization, giving you the opportunity to add a myriad of elements to create a pleasing and workable environment for your employees and clients.


With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can select solid colors or varying geometric designs to harmonize with your office décor. We will ship you up to six samples of our designer upholstery so that you can see what works best with your office lighting, wall colors, artwork, and other essential elements.

Panel Fabrics

Covering the surfaces of any tackable vertical pieces you have in your office is a great way to make the ordinary extraordinary. By using woven textures or designs, you provide a depth and interest that adds sophistication to your space. Choose cloth or vinyl in a range of muted or custom colors.


Great for vertical or horizontal surfaces, you can create stunning combinations using wood grains, metal, or veneers in different colors. 90 Degree Office Concepts offers glossy, textured, embossed, or capelli finishes, as well as textured or plain metal surfaces like perforated chromium or ribbed laminates for a thoroughly modern look. If you prefer a warmer look, we have over 50 types of wood grain to choose from.

Wood Veneers

These high-pressure laminates are a beautiful way to simulate texture and depth, as well as warmth. Our experts will help you select the right type of wood and cut for your needs, whether it is ash, bamboo, cherry, mahogany, or wenge.

Granite and Stone Laminates

If you want something more imposing, then a granite or stone laminate will provide you with a surface that makes any conference table or desk look important. Simulating the real thing, these laminates are impeccably crafted and can be added to any of our furniture styles.

Glass and Lucite

Using glass or acrylic is a wonderful way to create transparency, especially when you add a color tint. Here you can select something that is smooth or textured to emphasize privacy without shutting out the rest of the world.

Contact Us

90 Degree Office Concept’s specialty finishes provide an exceptional way to express your point of view while making an inviting space for all who enter. Contact us today to find out how to use texture and patterns to create your ideal modern office. We can be reached through our Contact Us page or by phone at 855.699.0334.

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