Design Students Express Their Opinions on Modern Office Furniture Trends

Design Students Express Their Opinions on Modern Office Furniture TrendsStudents are the wave of the future, as they represent new minds creating new ways to celebrate what is up and coming. Somehow they always are more prescient than we are, perhaps because they are still free to soar, as they are not yet caught up in the exigencies of life in the fast lane.

Fingers on the Pulse of Today

Today’s students have their fingers on the pulse of the latest energies that propel our society forward. This is especially true when it comes to technology, as they understand it better than we do, which is evident with every up and coming generation.

Form Following Function

As the current technology advances, office furniture must conform to its ever-evolving needs and demands. As form follows function, design students have a lot to say about what they think is essential in today’s constructions.


Collaboration is key. Though this is nothing new as of the last few years, it remains a primary when it comes to stimulating creativity and productivity in the office environment. This means open spaces, workstations that inspire employees to share ideas, and modular systems that allow for reconfiguration when it is needed. Cubicles are ancient history. Open vistas, natural light, and room to move have become productive solutions for inspiration and a healthier attitude within office culture.


Sustainability is rapidly becoming the replacement for old ways of construction and manufacture of office materials. It seems that almost all new products are being made with eco-consciousness at the core. Students are extremely aware of the importance of leaving the smallest footprint possible, and this is a recurring theme in their blogs regarding new office furniture concepts.

A Healthier Work Environment

Thinking about reducing the amount of chemicals it takes to create workspaces, using recycled materials as much as possible, choosing organic elements for fillers and upholstery, and planning greener environments where there is less need for an overload of energy are all part of the modern office trend. A healthier work environment is much more conducive to wellbeing, which means that green cleaning products also become part of the mix.


Ergonomics is another factor that takes predominance in today’s office designs. With more awareness of correct posture and less strain on the skeleton and muscles during a long working day, young designers are creating chairs and workstations that help make positive adjustments for a more comfortable working protocol. In this regard, standing desks are making an appearance, allowing employees to make a healthy change in their positions throughout the day.

Lower Prices, Higher Consciousness

Keeping prices lower through creating locally made pieces also helps to keep the consciousness of your company up. The attitude of today’s students towards the office atmosphere is one with more heart and soul, which is a definite plus for the presentation of any brand.

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