Modern Office Furniture Trends for 2013

Modern Office Furniture Trends for 2013Running an office means that you and your employees probably spend most of your waking hours in the office. Every year there is a growing sensitivity to this reality, with new designs in furniture that help promote a more comfortable working environment.

Promoting Communication, Productivity, and Ease

One of the most powerful office furniture trends for 2013 has to do with creating an efficient and adaptable space that furthers communication, productivity, ease, and a quality aesthetic. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we stay ahead of the trend, anticipating what is coming and providing you with exceptional examples of contemporary styling that are sensitive to comfort and functionality.

Serving Several Functions

Modern furniture should be adaptable to variables that occur within your office. Because many of you have scaled back your offices due to the present economy, 2013 is all about finding creative ways to maximize your space with furniture that serves several functions such as:
•    Lounge chairs that include arms which can support laptops
•    Rolling file cabinets that double as seats
•    Modern desks that allow for group meetings when needed

Emphasizing Healthy Habits

The newest office furniture designs emphasize productivity and healthy habits, as opposed to the stolid constructions of years ago. Today’s designs incorporate ergonomic styling that helps take the pressure off your body, including the new standup desks that provide versatility that allows for sitting and standing at a workstation.

Opening Up Possibilities

Our 2013 inventory of modern office furniture reflects our commitment to finding ways to open up possibilities for better communication between team members. This means a more open floor plan with desks that promote collaboration.

Built-In Essentials

Built-in elements created to hide cords and wires, conveniently placed power outlets, wireless charging decks, and built-in LED screens for video conferencing are other considerations that have become essential in today’s office practices. Our furniture makes it easy to hold a conference or an impromptu meeting through the innovation and versatility of the infrastructure supporting the technology you use.

Customizing According to Taste

90 Degree Office Concepts has been one of the first office furniture suppliers to recognize the growing trend in customizing pieces to support your brand and company culture. Every piece we carry can be customized, allowing you to incorporate the latest in modern materials, such as wood, glass, metal, and laminate finishes and colors that allow you to create a space as unique as your taste level.

Eco-Friendly Materials

One of the strongest trends right now is towards using eco-friendly materials. Using sustainable elements and non-toxic finishes, your office can now easily reflect your sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Creating a Positive Office Flow

Today’s office should reflect a sense of natural interaction, with an emphasis on encouraging your employees to brainstorm as they share ideas. Open workspaces with circular workstations instead of the old-fashioned separated desking systems are representative of the new trend towards creating a positive office flow.

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