The Use of Seasonal Colors in Your Office Décor

The Use of Seasonal Colors in Your Office DécorWe spend a lot of time in our offices. Using color to highlight these spaces is one of the best ways to boost comfort and productivity levels, while providing an uplifting atmosphere for employees and clients alike.

Demarcating Your Specialty Through Color

One of the essential considerations in office décor is to provide an attractive setting for everyone who enters your door. Using colors that create the best representation for your brand is an ideal way to demarcate your specialty on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Choosing What Feels Good

We register color subliminally. When we are around colors that are harmonious and soothing, we immediately incorporate these sensations. It is important that you choose colors that feel good to you, even if they are not on trend.

Corporate Colors

That being said, some of the most popular seasonal colors for a corporate setting are neutral colors that react well with natural light. Gray and beige are good base colors, especially if you find a gray that holds green or brown tones for a warmer feel, and beige that incorporates deeper brown tones. These types of earth colors create a dramatic, yet conservative feeling that adds a profundity to your space.

Colors that Define Nature

Slate blue, tan, Khaki, olive green, and cream are excellent choices when you are fortunate enough to have a lot of natural light in your office. These soothing outdoor colors make everyone feel good, as they bring with them a sense of nature.

Spicy Colors

Creative businesses can think about spicier colors, such as golds and other brights, either as highlights to a more basic wall color, or as a single wall that pops. These colors will add energy to your space, and they certainly are attention getting when it comes to packaging.  In a University of British Columbia study, red was found to boost performance when it comes to details, such as proofreading or memorization.

Other Ideas

Black and white has always been identified with luxury businesses for the elegant and distinctive combination the two provide.  Yellow and orange are good office break room colors as they provoke energy, stimulation, and happiness.  Subtle shades of green speak of harmony, which is an ideal state in which to run a successful office.

Emerald Green

This season’s color is Emerald green, and everywhere you look you will see it, whether it is for cars, furniture, cookware, or fashion. As the new trend, you can use this color as a highlight against white to create a fresh new look that will wake up your environment and present a thoroughly new and contemporary feel. Pantone, the company that determines trending color every year by polling experts in the industrial, interior, and fashion industries, has determined that this year Emerald green is the one to choose for its elegance, spunk, and deeply flattering tone.

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