7 Things Designers Should Want Their Clients to Know About Custom Furniture

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Buying custom modern furniture for the home or office can be an enormous asset or a great disappointment. Assembling the right pieces that succeed in making your intended statement, function according to plan, are sized to fit perfectly, and possess the ideal, finish: taken strategically, all of these steps result in great value to the owner. Custom furniture is a true investment, so getting it right the first time matters.

If you are a designer, chances are you’ve had furniture custom-made specifically for a client contracting to buy custom, or, as we call it, “personally-imbued” furniture. The process is much like having a dress made. Though you may find one off the rack that you could be happy with, having one made to order is special, because you get exactly what you want: the right fabric, style, fit and color. At the end of the day, wearing something made expressly for you results in a spectacular experience rather than one that is simply okay.

1 The word custom frightens most people, because they associate “custom” with “expensive”. Custom furniture, however, should not cost more than furniture out of a box. In fact, custom furniture should even cost a little less. Here’s why: Large manufacturers are generally inflexible, because they carry the burden of huge overheads, shipping and inventory costs, showrooms, advertising, brochures, and more. When they sell furniture, all of these considerations must to be factored into their selling price. For this reason, large manufactures seek to have their products made in countries where labor costs are lower. In reality, item-for-item, cost should never become an issue.

2 Because it is visually responsive, custom furniture is capable of imparting the perfect look ideally suited to your client’s needs. If you are designing your furniture from wood, for example, there is a wide array of tree species from which to select, each with its own grain, look and feel. Certain wood grains are more visually pronounced, while others have more texture; and still others have a great deal of unique character. Custom furniture can give you the perfect look for the project at hand.

3 While people will invariably argue the pro and cons of size the fact is, when it comes to furniture, size does matter. Take office, design for example: often, a client may want to carry out a specific function in a designated space, and out of the box furniture just won’t allow for it. Sometimes, having the perfect fit allows an additional team member to occupy a given area. A custom fit, therefore, can save the client money.

4 Custom furniture delivers a sense of pride to the owner, because no one else can present the precise-look and feel you have created. The design has been imbued with a distinct sense of personality indigenous to that client only.

5 Custom furniture in a commercial environment can enhance brand position. Every business, of course, exists to promote its own brand culture. Creation of an environment that speaks directly to the client’s brand offers the perfect segue for customers, workers, and vendors by making association with that brand both desirable and obvious.

6 Custom furniture offers the perfect opportunity to balance the client’s budgets. The two biggest contributors to any furniture project are material and labor. By simply controlling the types of materials used in construction and/or the degree of difficulty involved, you can perfectly manage your jobs and give your clients the exact size, shape, look and finish that ultimately sell your project.

7 Custom furniture is a great way to meet clients’ need to be green. Having furniture built according to specification, is a great way to determine and control the materials and finish used.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we understand office environments. We understand them not only from the manufacturing point of view, but from all other angles, as well: design, material variations, functionality, size, and visual perspective. We understand that each person’s taste will vary greatly, and we aim to create furniture that emphasizes these personal preferences of the individual. We also provide you with a full-color rendering, so your client can see and conceptualize the furniture in their space.

Why waste money on “off- the-rack” furniture when you can have it fully personalized?


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