Discover The Lost Art of Having Fun with Business

Okay, so let’s talk “human” here, is that okay with you? My guess is that as adults, we have (if you are like me) let business be consumed by data, finance, projections, meetings, appointments, strategies, marketing, and the like. With all of that going on every day, from start to finish, I would also guess we often forget to smile and find the lighter side of things, and it’s even harder still in the face of failure.

Other than being bosses, managers, clients, staff or customers, we are first and foremost human beings. And as that, we like to laugh and have fun.
I am often accused (by friends and family) of being far too serious, reading too many books and working a lot. So please excuse my “silly” attempt to add fun to my business. Therefore if you are not into being silly today, please stop reading now. 
What if just for today, we changed things just a bit? What if we engaged the participants we come in contact with today just a little? What if we could change one of those meetings today into a fun experience for the attendees? What if you took five minutes today to tell a funny story to a new client to break the ice? How about colored balloons for the whole office? What if there was ice cream for lunch, or even pizza, would that be fun? What about this Idea; bring in funny hats and ask everyone to find a creative solution to a certain project and offer a reward for the most innovative idea?

Celebrate today: International Fun Day!     February 5th

I’m writing this post because sadly, I got a phone call from my doctor yesterday and he told me he had bad news, and really bad news, so I asked, doc; what’s the bad news? He told me I had just 24 hours to live. After I caught my breath and sat down, I asked; what is the really bad news? Doc, I said; what could be worse than that? He replied; I forgot to call you yesterday. 
I’ve got a FREE Starbucks gift card to give away for the most creative fun idea to do in the office today. Whoever gets the most “likes” on their comment, WINS!

Now, I know everyone will not want to participate, and that’s okay. You will have the same experience.

P.S. I generally read for information and I would like to share it with you if that’s okay?

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