Is There More to Office Design Than Meets the Eye?

clip_image002Did you know there is a psychological approach to office design that affects the way people feel when in your workplace? Did you know design can affect whether a customer returns to your business or not? In fact your office design can affect how employees feel when working in your office workplace as well.

In an article published for U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health-PubMed, Stone MA, Stone PH, Giffin KS. Psychology of Office Design, states that the design of a physician’s office can affect whether a patient returns, follow advice, or recommends the physician to other people. It goes on to say that color is an important design element. It can affect whether patients relax or get excited; it can also hinder vision. Color affects the personality of the person who chooses to use it. Furniture also reflects personality. Arrangement is important in making people feel comfortable, easy and safe to move between the pieces. It is also important to consider things like how and where visitors prefer to sit, for example; most people visiting a physician, prefer to sit alone. A single seat with arms that firmly supports the visitor allows people to sit and rise more easily. Mixtures of design elements like: mirrors, glass, wall coverings, textures, patterns on upholstery increase visual interest and alter perception. Personal items displayed ads a more humane element to the space. Shapes, lighting, furniture finishes all add or subtract from perceptions.

Furniture style adds its own presentation to how your company is perceived. Cool modern office furniture can add a contemporary forward thinking mindset to the perceiver’s viewpoint as to what your company is about. Classic styled furniture offers a sense of traditional values and old world ideas. Blend the two styles; modern office furniture and classic, with proper balance, and you can create the image of blended values.

Office design is often more than meets the eye. Office furniture, its modern style or classic approach can make the difference as to how your company is viewed in the minds of your customers. The psychology behind effective office design is to plan in advance how you want your patients, customers and worker to feel when in your place of business. Effective office design can make the difference whether your customers return or your workers leave.

Custom modern office furniture, a way to promote forward thinking

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